Concrete Services

ConcreteWhy are we #1 for Concrete in Sacramento CA and the surrounding communities?

We offer the best service in the industry for the customer. I am very helpful on the job site and am very in tune with each customer. I am able to configure each job and can tailor to each customer’s needs. We are very punctual and will provide you with everything you need. You will not be left with a messy job site



Our concrete is always fresh because we make it on the job-site. Our concrete is very pure with the least amount of water possible. We will manufacture the concrete to each customers demand. The workability of the concrete can be modified on the job-site. We can make a stiff mix or an easy to work mix. Our concrete is always fresh and never use leftovers for any job. We have zero time on our concrete so you know you’re getting your concrete as fresh as possible. This allows us to guarantee you that you will never have any “hot loads”. We supply concrete to Cal trans and we are an approved supplier for the county of Sacramento, as well as the Oakland airport.


We have add mixes available (water reducers, accelerators). We also have retarders which will slow down the concrete set time to the customers specifications.


When choosing a concrete company it’s important to look at everything you are getting. We may not be the cheapest but we assure you will be receiving the best value for your money because the concrete is always fresh and make exactly to your specifications. We also provide sand slurry to provide a 100% compaction material and it can be made to either flow or make it stiff, whatever you desire.